Baby Dedication


Baby Dedication is all about a promise by parents to raise their baby in the ways of the Lord. Baby dedications are designed to take place within the first two years of a little one’s life, but the promise represented by the dedication will last for a lifetime. Babies are given a keepsake bible and our Pastor prays a blessing over the babies as their parents dedicate them to the Lord.

Our dates for 2018 will be updated soon. Baby dedications are always done at the campus in which Pastor Bryan is preaching that day. Please also include extra information about your family; (i.e. How you came to New Life, which campus you attend regularly, what’s your favorite thing about New Life)

We will need the Parents’ names, Baby’s full name, Baby’s date of birth, 1 picture of your baby, and 1 scripture to be prayed over the child at dedication.

Please submit the form below AND, as soon as possible, email 1 picture of your baby and scripture preference to Erik Sowder