Connect Groups

When going to church, it’s so easy to get into the habit of slipping in and out each weekend, and not be noticed. But at New Life, we believe Jesus intended more for us as His church.

C’mon admit it, everybody wants to be connected!  

We want you to connect with the people you go to church with and build lasting relationships.

That’s what Connect Groups are all about, living life together!  We keep it simple.  What do you like to do?  Chances are there are more people that would like to do it with you, wouldn’t you agree?

Years ago when Pastors Bryan and Rhonda were growing in the Lord, they were young, but very hungry and eager to grow spiritually. Each week they would drive across town to be a part of a Bible study and learn about the things of the Spirit. It was at this Bible study, where God spoke to their hearts that ministry was in their future. Everyone grew together, prayed over each other, worshipped and studied the Word. As they look back over time, they see where God strategically placed them in this Bible study because He knew exactly what they needed to prepare them for their future…their destiny.

Friendships and care for one another happens when you spend time with each other.  Let’s grow together, build and establish life long relationships and live our lives connected!

To help you find a group that best fits you, we have made it easy by splitting them up into three separate group:  Bible Study Groups, Social Groups and Outreach Groups.

Why Connect Groups


Everyone wants them. Some have lots, some have few. We have our bests; we have the ones we trust with everything and some that we are just getting to know. I am talking about friends. Connect Groups allow individuals to connect and develop friendships. As we live life together, we believe relationships will be strengthened and deepened and new friendships will be formed.


Discipleship is learning about the Word of God but also living out the Word of God. Connect Groups give us the ability to grow in our faith no matter the place that we are in. From the person who is far from God, to the most churched person; as we live life together, we can help each other grow in our faith.


Community is the feeling that we are in this together. As we live life together, people will inevitably have challenges that will come up. As your group develops, friendship and care for one another will be a natural byproduct. During a tough time the group pulls together to help out one of its members. Community is the part that takes the most amount of time to develop.


Our purpose as Christians is to reach those who are far from God. Connect Groups allow us to grow, connect, and develop relationships so that we can be more effective at what God has called all of us to do – to be a light and reach people. We want each group to consistently make effort to reach out to people.

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