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The position of Connect Group Leader at New Life is a very important one. As representatives of New Life Church and Pastors Bryan & Rhonda Matthews, it is critical that Connect Group Leaders are in complete understanding and unison with the beliefs, expectations and vision of our pastors and New Life Church. As such, there are specific requirements that must be met before we can consider you for the position of a Connect Group Leader.

New Life Church will require that each applicant:

  1. Have a Criminal Background Check Completed
  2. Be a Consistent Tither
  3. Must Serve 6 Months in a Department of the Church
  4. Submit a Referral from the Leader of the Department in which You Serve
  5. Submit a Referral from a Pastor on Staff (Pastors Phillip & Amy, Pastors Eli & Tracey, Pastors Terry & Susan)
  6. Submit a Referral from a Previous Pastor or Leader, if applicable.

Referrals should be in the form of a letter or email.

Connect Group Leader Application

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Please submit a picture of the leader for the group page, to Pastor Louie Ramos at pastorlouie@newlifeeveryday.com.

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